Wedding DJ – Mexico & Destination

Vosters is a nomadic DJ from NYC...that now travels for boutique weddings in Mexico & other destinations.

Vosters – Wedding DJ Mexico – Tulum, Cabo, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico City (CDMX)

So you're looking for a wedding DJ?

First off, congratulations on finding love. Cherish it.

Second off, while I don't consider myself a wedding DJ, I have found myself traveling for weddings across the US, Mexico (Tulum, Cabo, Mexico City, San Miguel de Allende), & destinations in Europe and the Caribbean a lot over the past few years.

So a bit about me...
I was a club DJ in NYC for a decade. I did everything from the rowdy LES spots to high-end bottle service lounges and Brooklyn raves. I DJ'd for Gov Ball, celebrities like Sam Smith, brands like GQ, and even opened for Snakehips.

All that name dropping just to say, I've put my time in within the booth to develop sets that make a diverse set of crowds move.

Then a few years ago, a client took me to Tulum for their wedding. It went so well that I've found myself living in Mexico part-time & traveling the globe DJ'ing for select clients.

...which is why you've landed on this page.

So are we a fit? Let's see.

Do you want something different? While I'm really good at wedding classics, but most of my clients work with me because they want something different – or they want the classics to start and then an "afterparty" of their fav subgenres.

I spend an average of 3-4 days preparing custom edits for each event, so every set is custom-tailored to your taste. I work to understand your musical culture and combine it with my experience to map out the perfect score for the day.

While this list isn't exhaustive, here are a few genres that I often do...

Are you a disco connoisseur? Or want a modern or less obvious take on oldies & vintage sounds? We might be a fit. I'm a resident at Joyface, which is arguably New York's best disco bar. Whether you want classic disco, b-sides, or open format oldies, I've got you. Check out my  live oldies set or disco dissertation.

Are you a burner, festival fanatic, or house hedonist? We might be a fit. I've been to Burning Man, EDC, & other festivals and just generally been in the electronic & house scene. If you want to keep things somewhat family-friendly, my Electric Wedding set works for the crossover hits (aka the Rufus/Kygo/Fred Again/2010 EDM crowd), or we can go deeper. I often do "that Tulum sound" and have even done a techno wedding, so let me know your subgenre(s), and let's see if we can make some magic.

Is it an LGBTQ wedding? We might be a fit. I'd say like a third of my weddings are LGBTQ. Years ago, I was a resident at a gay club in NYC and I frequently do shows with drag queens like Trinity the Tuck & Madame Viv. While everyone is different, my Dua Disco and 90's Renaissance are probably the most requested.

Is it a multicultural wedding? We might be a fit. I love finding ways to combine the sounds of different cultures into one cohesive set. Whether it's Spanglish, afrobeat, or caribbean soca, I've probably done it or would love to put a spin on it.

Do you want a modern club sound? We might be a fit. As I said, I've mainly been a club DJ over the years so you don't have to worry about it sounding stale.

I'll put some more mixes and details on my process below. Or just contact me and we can get to one one another on a call.

“Vosters is hands down the best wedding DJ you’ll find. I've never heard or seen a dance floor go that wild.”

- Wedding Planners


“I would give him 6 stars if I could! If you’re looking for a DJ who really cares about your tastes and the feeling that you’re trying to go for, you’ve found him.”

– Adam, Wedding Client


Memorable moments from past weddings & events

Tulum Wedding DJ - VostersHolbox Wedding DJ - Hotel CasasandraVosters DJ'ing at Joyface NYCVosters DJ'ing at Filibuster NYCVideo of Vosters DJ'ing at Joyface NYCTulum DJJungle Disco Wedding DJ at Itzik Nu TulumVosters at Akiin Tulum Wedding DJTulum Wedding DJ at Akiin Beach ClubBrooklyn DJHolbox Wedding DJ - Hotel CasasandraVideo of Filibuster NYC party in Brooklyn

Tulum Wedding Venues
Gitano, Gitano Beach, Papaya Playa Project, Itzik (Nu Tulum), Wild, Akiin Beach Club, Zorba, Kima, Ana y Jose, Mandarina

Holbox Wedding Venues
Ser Casasandra

Other Destinations
The Cape, Flora Farms (Cabo)
Casa de Sierra Nevada (San Miguel de Allende)
Rosewood Mayakoba, Mahekal (Playa del Carmen)
Villa Caletas (Costa Rica)
Kkô Beach Bar (St. Martin)
Lazure Marina & Hotel (Montegro)

NYC DJ Disco

The Process

Everything's gotta be perfect.

Comprehensive Event Logistics
Before the event, I work with you to define the event itinerary, confirm name pronunciations for announcements, and manage sound checks.

Multiple equipment backups
Equipment fails sometimes. That’s why he comes loaded with 2 laptops, 4 backup hard drives, backup turntables, and backup everything else. Because failure isn’t an option.

3 Levels of Curation
While I work with you to develop your perfect sound, in the background I also develop multiple other related sets – just in case the crowd moves in a different direction.

“Mike has just the most genuine personality. He's really here for you on your special day. So if you're looking for the whole package and some more, he's your guy. You won't regret it.”

— Sabrina | Wedding Client

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