Spain Wedding DJ

(Gay) Clubbing in San Sebastian, Spain

A night of discos, divas, & Beyonce's Renaissance in Basque Country.

Spain Wedding DJ

The week after Montenegro, I headed to San Sebastian, Spain to DJ a welcome party for one of my best friends from college – a sentence that I can hardly believe is true. They rented out a bar/club downtown and we took over.

The creative brief? Boys Night. It was an LGBTQ wedding. People were red carpet ready just as they were at every event throughout the weekend; and their moves were on the same par. We filled the room with 90's dance, diva pop, & nostalgic anthems from our Brooklyn years. Videos and inspo playlists below.


LGBTQ Wedding DJ

For those looking for a LGBTQ-friendly wedding or club DJ, hit me up. I DJ'd at gay clubs throughout NYC and have been DJing gay weddings & private events in Mexico & the US. Speaking of which, my last one in Brooklyn had drag performances. If you're debating doing that, I highly recommend it.


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About Vosters

Vosters is a nomadic DJ that spent the past decade in the NYC club scene & now splits time between NYC, Tulum, & other destinations.