Holbox Wedding DJ

DJ'ing weddings at Casasandra in Holbox

A few hours north of Cancun is a pristine island paradise that I'm lucky enough to frequent

Holbox Wedding DJ

As I started DJ'ing weddings in Tulum, I also got the opportunity to spin in Holbox. Just a 3 hour drive north, it's a stunning island that doesn't allow cars. That's right, golf carts only baby! Holbox is much less developed than the surrounding getaways, and it comes with an awe-inspiring sunset and uncrowded beaches. Probably my fav place in the Riviera Maya so far.

And thanks to Angelina Cardenas Events, I've been invited to DJ a number of weddings & private events there – many of which as Hotel Casasandra.

For each event, the set list is completely customized to the client, but lately I've been doing a lot of tropical house, electronic, & disco. I'll dive deeper in future posts about specific events.

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Vosters is a nomadic DJ that spent the past decade in the NYC club scene & now splits time between NYC, Tulum, & other destinations.